Spread Joy with doorBandits

Spread Joy with doorBandits

By October 26th 2016Published in Holiday Decorating, Press Releases, Videos0 comments

It’s time for our holiday contest!! If you didn’t already know, doorBandits was started because our founder, Merrill Crawford, had a friend whom she helped move from a 2800+ sq. ft. house into a 10′ x 10′ room. She did her best to try and help make it as much like home as she could, so during the holidays she went there and wrapped her door in butcher paper and spent a couple of hours painting a beautiful holiday scene on it. Once she was finished other residents would walk by admiring the painting, commenting on how beautiful it was and how they wished someone would do that for them. Merrill thought there had to be an easier way to make those wishes possible. Through trial and error doorBandits was born.

So, in honor of our humble beginnings we’re doing Spread Joy with doorBandits.


Tell us the story of someone you care about who has to live in a retirement home or something similar and has to be away from their family.
Your entry can be a 45 second – 03:00 minute long video or a written essay no more than 2 pages in length.
We’re accepting submissions through info@doorbandits.com, on social media with #SpreadJoyDB or the form here.


First place is a gift-wrapped double-sided doorBandit (holiday decor on one side + photo collage on reverse) sent to the recipient! Second place will receive a coupon for $25 off their next doorBandit and third place a coupon for $10 off their next doorBandit!


The deadline for submissions is Nov. 19th and winners will be announced Nov. 21st. Spread some joy this holiday season. We can’t wait to hear your stories. Good luck!

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