Space Saving Holiday Decorating Tips

Space Saving Holiday Decorating Tips

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‘Tis the season for cold weather, the beginning of our shopping lists, family from all over the world comes together yet again and of course my personal favorite the decorating. The traditional Christmas colors such as red and green never go out of style but if you want to make your holiday decor more modern and more you I came across a few ideas I thought I would share with you. I’m sure many people probably spend an entire day shopping around for the perfect Christmas tree and then spend even more time decorating it. The holidays are busy enough as it is so why not make it a little easier by incorporating a few of these tips into your holiday decorating arsenal:

Use a tree you already have at your home and decorate it just as you would a regular Christmas tree

My sister for example has a bamboo tree in her apartment that she utilizes every year as her Christmas tree; she strings lights, hangs ornaments and adds a star on top for the finishing touch. By following this method you cut out the hassle of worrying how you’re going to take a real tree home, watering it and just making sure it stays perfect throughout the holiday.

Non-Traditional Christmas Tree

Create a 2D Christmas tree on the wall

Another idea is to use command decorating clips and create the outline of a standard Christmas tree on the wall to signify that presents go here. This option is the ultimate space saver if you don’t have much room to work with; you still have the opportunity to create the Christmas spirit. This could also be done with the Star of David for a classy yet simple touch during Hanukkah.


Keep the festive touches going to the ceiling

While the eye level decorations are taken care of now let’s take a look at the ceiling. Despite all the amazing steps we have taken for the rest of the house the ceiling is often ignored. Decorating the ceiling by hanging an array of snowflakes, ornaments or even lights will give the room it’s own unique character and leaves an indelible impression on those that walk in.


When in doubt….doorBandits

Another area of the house that may sometimes go untouched are the doors. DoorBandits were created especially with the Holidays in mind and a few of their designs definitely caught my eye. One was called Dear Santa…. Most people tend to write their wishes on a sheet of paper and stick it on the refrigerator, this year with this DoorBandit I will have my children write on it instead. I believe this way is a lot more fun and interactive for them and I have the ability to add my very own personal touch.

The other DoorBandits that I plan on getting is one called “Mostly Nice” and “90% Naughty“. When I encountered this one I thought of a perfect idea I will substitute these DoorBandits for my Christmas tree. My living room has a door on each side of the room so I will slide the “Mostly Nice” DoorBandit on one door and the 90% naughty on the other door that way we can leave presents on the appropriate side for everyone, which will make it a little more fun. Now of course, no child wants to wake up Christmas morning seeing they made the naughty list so with the constant reminder of these DoorBandits I’m sure my kids will be extra nice.

The thing I love about DoorBandits are that they are so interchangeable that you can create a new environment within the space of 10 seconds.

With the help of DoorBandits and all these other great decorating tips you get to make your own traditions by adding your very own personal touch and make new memories with family.

Make this Holiday season a celebration you will never forget!

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