Food. Fun. Family & doorBandits, the way the holidays intended it.

Food. Fun. Family

By October 7th 2015Published in Decor0 comments

Finally one of my favorite traditional holidays is just around the corner. A time where we get to see our loved ones, share recipes, cook, laugh and most importantly eat so much, that the summer bodies we worked so hard for months prior is gone out the window.

That’s right it’s Thanksgiving! Around this time of year families and friends from all over the world come together to take part and make memories on this special day. I’m sure just like my family we will all have certain jobs to do to prepare for such a huge day and to make it a success.

While mom will be in the kitchen preparing the meal and dad entertains the family, I received the pleasure this year not only to set the table but to decorate. I love decorating and making the house feel warm and welcoming for everyone that comes in. Thanksgiving to me is not just about family and friends coming together but to also remember to be thankful for everything we have and have been blessed with. So I have been thinking about what decor would be best fitting for such a joyful day without the hassle of getting all our old decorations from the basement/attic…a doorBandit. I plan on purchasing two called: Give Thanks and sliding them on our dining room double doors where we will all be taking part in our family meal get together and the message Give Thanks will be perfect due to the fact that we have so much to be thankful for and that is something I don’t want people to forget. DoorBandits are so versatile that we will have all our loved ones sign them and tell us what they are thankful for. I am so happy I found these in time because the time I would have normally spent decorating basically will be cut in half due to how easy these doorBandits are to install that I will have more time to spend with my loved ones. Thank you doorBandits we will definitely make a new tradition and new memories this year.

Happy Thanksgiving when it comes everyone!

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